Q & A… 201 to 225

Question 201- Is there a simple application to Psalm 1:1 ?

Question 202- Help me make sense of Proverbs 17:15?

Question 203- Why did God Have Paul write Philemon?

Question 204- What is meant by As a Thousand Years in 2 Peter 3:8?

Question 205- Any Ideas on Isaiah 66:23, & 24 are saying?

Question 206- Tell me is Matthew 16:26 to be used for salvation?

Question 207- Was the Apostle Peter ever a Pope?

Question 208- Proverbs 23:23 has me stumped please explain?

Question 209- I had a Jehovah Witness use Acts 2:29 & 34, Could you explain?

Question 210- What does John 20:23 mean?

Question 211- What does it mean Not man for the sabbath?

Question 212- Why did Jesus allow the demons to enter the pigs in Mark 5:12,13?

Question 213- Sir why are there so many Praise and Worship Churches and few that teach the bible?

Question 214- Can you explain Hebrews 10:26-31?

Question 215- Sir what is your opinion about physician assisted suicide?

Question 216- Would you recommend the Noah’s Ark attraction in Kentucky?

Question 217- What does it mean You don’t have many fathers in 1 Corinthians 4:15?

Question 218- Why do you insist on holding to the gap theory?

Question 219- Should I just take the plain reading of the bible?

Question 220- Does the Bible teach that a person must give 10%?

Question 221- Help I am confused about John 5:28 & 29?

Question 222- Can you answer James 3:1 for me?

Question 223- Is John 12:39 & 40 suggesting predestination?

Question 224- What is the most difficult thing for christians to do?

Question 225- Is Job 40:15 and 41:1 decribing Dinosaurs?