Q & A… 276 to 300

Question-276- How are we created in God’s image?

Question-277- Does a business have the right to refuse service?

Question-278- Is Acts 28:28 suggesting Predestination?

Question-279- Explain Ecclesiastes 10:1 ?

Question-280- Please give help on 2 Corinthians 5:16?

Question-281- Why did God considered Onan sin evil?

Question-282- Why did Isaac not take back his blessing from Esau?

Question-283- What did Paul mean that we should remain unmarried like him?

Question-284- What is your take on “That they may recieve forgiveness of sins” in Acts 26:18 ?

Question-285- How could God say that King David was a man after his own heart, when he committed adultery and murder?

Question-286- Sir, Please give comment on Romans 8:1?

Question-287- In Romans 8:13 what does the word MORTIFY mean?

Question-288- Sir, how did Jesus become poor. and us rich in 2 Corinthians 8:9?

Question-289- When will the the Resurrection of the Just in Luke 14:14 happen?

Question-290- Sir please explain the different offerings in the book of Leviticus?

Question-291- I find Job 26:7 interesting, any thoughts sir?

Question-292- Is the earth flat?

Question-293- How do you witness to a Jewish person?

Question-294- What is your stand on Halloween sir?

Question-295- Will the Nation of Egypt have a part in the endtimes?

Question-296- What is the difference between the Fine Linen, Clean and White and the White Robes mentioned in Revelations?

Question-297- Is having a Christmas Tree wrong?

Question-298- Is there a contradiction between Matthew 10:29 & Luke 12:6?

Question-299- What are the Four beast in Revelation Chp. 4?

Question-300- Sir please explain Revelation 4:3?