Q & A… 351 to 375

Question-351- What is the answer to Mark 9:49?

Question-352- Please can you help with Genesis 3:15?

Question-353- Did snakes have legs? Do they eat dust? What did God mean in Genesis 3:14?

Question-354- Luke 8:18, Help?

Question-355- Will Russia use modern weapons like Tanks & Aircraft when they attack the Nation of Israel after the rapture?

Question-356- Can you give insight into 1 Cor. 9:22 & John 11:43?

Question-357- Are the Blood and Super moons signs of the end?

Question-358- Does the Ark of the Covenant exist?

Question-359- Will we recognize each other in heaven ?

Question-360- In Matthew 24:16 Why those in Judaea told to run to the mountains?

Question-361- What did Jesus mean in Matthew 11:30?

Question-362- What should our attitude towards work be?

Question-363- Why did Paul say I am an Apostle at the start of all of his epistles?

Question-364- Sir, please explain “Sow Thy Seed” in Ecclesiastes 11:6?

Question-365- Could you clear up for me what “Ye Shall Be” means in 2 Corinthians 6:18?

Question-366- Sir, salvation has to be more than just by faith alone, right?

Question-367- What if I don’t believe in a hell or heaven?

Question-368- Does the Bible have any answers to explain why America is in such Chaos?

Question-369- In your opinion sir, what should the primary goal of a church be?

Question-370- What does the Bible word Dross mean?

Question-371- Matthew 21:44, what did Jesus mean ?

Question-372- Could you give a easy break down of John 5:24?

Question-373- I have been taught It is always God’s will to heal, is this true?

Question-374- Sir, I just got saved, when I witness, people laugh, Why?

Question-375- 1 Peter 2:6, Please explain the word confounded thank you?