Q & A… 376 to 400

Question-376- What is the difference between Soul and Spirit?

Question-377- Is Zechariah 14:12 describing Nuclear War?

Question-378- What are the MOST IMPORTANT words in the Bible?

Question-379- What did Jesus mean I Judge him not in John 12:47?

Question-380- Can you Sir explain Galatians 2:17?

Question-381- What was Jesus really getting at in Matthew 6:6?

Question-382- In Romans 1:14 how is Paul a debtor?

Question-383- I had a Young Earth Believer use Genesis 1:31, can you help?

Question-384- Is faith in Ephesians 2:8 God’s gift?

Question-385- What does Sift you as Wheat mean, Luke 22:31?

Question-386- Tell me, Why are we held guilty before God for Adam & Eve’s sin?

Question-387- In your opinion sir what is the best way to memorize verses?

Question-388- Matthew 5:22 has me perplexed, please help answer?

Question-389- What is a Jot or Tittle in Matthew 5:18?

Question-390- Sir, What is the difference between Peace with God and Peace of God?

Question-391- Why would God laugh and make fun at the tragedy of people in Proverbs 1:26?

Question-392- What is your view on luck?

Question-393- Can you give verses proving your Non Kjv Only position?

Question-394- Please give a practical application to Nehemiah 4:1-10?

Question-395- Do you ever feel inadequate in serving the Lord?

Question-396- In Galatians 5:16 would you sir define more clearly “Walk in the Spirit”?

Question-397- I am troubled with Galatians 5:19-21, Can you help ?

Question-398- Where was Paul saved?

Question-399- Must we endure in the faith to be saved according to Matthew 24:13?

Question-400- I know a christian that is always looking for the Perfect Circumstances and when things go not accordingly then they broadcast it on Facebook, What is your opinion sir?