Q & A… 461 to 485

Question-461- Please contrast the Dead Sea and the Jordan River with the Christian Life?

Question-462- I’m stumped by Psalms 49:14, can you answer?

Question-463- What are “The Rest” mentioned in Matt. 11:28,29 and Heb. 3:11?

Question-464- James 3:6, Tell me what “It is set on fire of hell” means?

Question-465- is Genesis 2:17 speaking of Physical Death?

Question-466- Is Hebrews 12:14 saying that we need to have works and faith to go to heaven?

Question-467- Must I go forward to be saved?

Question-468- Sir, what do you make of “You get more flies with Honey than with vinegar”?

Question-469- Would you be so kind and give comment on Hebrews 12:12 & 13 please?

Question-471- I don’t understand Hosea 6:2 what is it speaking about?

Question-472- Tell me, Is 1 Timothy 2:9 a command against women wearing makeup and Jewelry etc.?

Question-473- In the Bible is there a story where there is a False accuser that lied and the accused that told the truth but wasn’t believed?

Question-474- Luke 14:26?, what does it mean to hate not Father and Mother?

Question-475- My friend says that Jesus is a Angel?

Question-476- Does the word Believeth in John 3:16 mean a continuance in faith?

Question-477- Were those that were baptised by John the Baptist saved?

Question-478- Hi, I need a biblical answer to explain the heart of the mind and the blood pumping organ, like asking Jesus into your heart VS using your intellect?

Question-479- Did Abel get saved WHEN he offered the blood sacrifice?

Question-480- Matthew 24:5, Did Jesus mean that many would claim to be him?

Question-481- Why can’t Romans 10:10 be used for salvation?