Q & A… 501 TO 525

Question-501- Just curious, is it possible that King Nebuchadnezzar was saved at the end of his life?

Question-502- Can a christian live a life VOID of conviction?

Question-503- What is the full impact upon the world by those who are unsaved?

Question-504- I heard this term called LETTERISM could you explain what it means?

Question-505- How come the two disciples in Luke 24:16 did not recognize Jesus?

Question-506- I know Psalms 139:13-16 is speaking about how a baby is formed, but the words that are used make it hard for me to understand, Can you help?

Question-507- What is the Measure of the gift of Christ found in Ephesians 4:7?

Question-508- I have always wondered, What was the purpose for Moses to lift up the serpent as mentioned in John 3:14?

Question-509- I have heard different explanations of 2 John 1:10, could you PLEASE give your explanation?

Question-510- I know of a person that says they are a christian but they have no desire to share the Gospel with others, what do you think?

Question-511- I have heard MANY ways to heaven, but the thief on the cross ONLY believed RIGHT?

Question-512- My pastor is conducting a preach fest and he is asking us men to give a 5 to 10 minute sermon, Can you give some words of encouragement?

Question-513- What is the REAL IMPACT of our liberty in Christ upon others?

Question 514- I have a tough one, Could you explain Ecclesiates 12:4 – 7 for me, Thank you?

Question 515- What did John the Baptist mean by Bring forth fruits worthy of repentance in Luke 3:8?

Question 516- The Unprofitable Servant in Matthew Chp. 25 has ALWAYS bothered me, Could you PLEASE give me some peace on this, Thank – You for your time?

Question 517- What is a Partial Rapture a youtube preacher made it sound so convincing, what is your take on it?

Question 518- In Colossians 3:18 Please explain “As it is Fit in the Lord”, Thanks?

Question 519- I thought salvation was by Faith Only, but Luke 3:3 seems to say something different, I am confused, help?

Question 520- I was given an article by a Jehovah Witness TITLED “Origin of Hell” stating that “Hell DOES NOT exist” according to their main source of info for the article – Edward Fudge, Can you refute this?

Question 521- I think I understand 1 Peter 1:2, But could you dissect it for I am having little trouble with it?

Question 522- In John 2:1-10 Mary exclaims to Jesus “they have no wine.” Jesus tells her My time has not yet come, do you think that Mary exclaiming this to Jesus would indicate that Jesus was performing supernatural tasks well before this time in secret? I have not found much scripture that tells the story of Jesus’s early years ? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank You again for your ministry I love reading your Qs & As… GOD BLESS!

Question 523- I wish I had your faith?

Question 524- Could you give some scriptures proving the bible’s accuracy?

Question 525- Give it to me straight, MUST we be Forgiven or Perfect to enter heaven?