Question 629 – Part 1

By: Robert Serreyn

Question? What is your honest opinion of Ken Ham?


I’ll say this in his defense and in all fairness, He is DEFINITELY a shrewd business man, I base this on (from google) on the fact that his net worth is somwhere between One to Five Million dollars, BUT, as far as his theology and what he teaches ESPECIALLY about Genesis 1:1 & 1:2 and his Young Earth doctrine, that my dear sir is a whole another matter.

Ken Ham has been able to seduced and capture the minds, the pocket books, and the children of what I term today’s ignorant christian WITH his False Representation of Noah Ark*, Dinosaures, and through the sale of books, literature, and other products from Answers in Genesis in which he is the President of.

* Noah’s Ark was a rectangle Barge designed simply to FLOAT. (Its’ not a ship like Ken Ham’s Ark Museum)

Without getting into what Ken Ham does and does not believe, with the exception that I will bring up this one fact… Ken Ham did state in his A.I.G. blog dated 02/09/2008, Titled “It only takes one Luther” that Martin Luther is one of “His Hero’s” in the faith.

So in all fairness let’s see what Ken Ham’s hero believed.

Martin Luther believed and taught Baptimal Regeneration (the false doctrine that a person must be water baptised in order to be given eternal life).

So my question is???, does that mean that Ken Ham believes that as well???, It makes me wonder.

My other question is?… Does Ken Ham KNOW that Martin Luther HATED Jews and that Adolf Hitler USED Martin Luther’s writings to spread the lie and hatred that the Jews were good for nothing, and a blight to society. In Fact, Martin Luther’s “Anti Semitism” was so strong that he wrote them in a book for Future Generations to read.