Q & A… 201 to 300

Question 201- Is there a simple application to Psalm 1:1 ?

Question 202- Help me make sense of Proverbs 17:15?

Question 203- Why did God Have Paul write Philemon?

Question 204- What is meant by As a Thousand Years in 2 Peter 3:8?

Question 205- Any Ideas on Isaiah 66:23, & 24 are saying?

Question 206- Tell me is Matthew 16:26 to be used for salvation?

Question 207- Was the Apostle Peter ever a Pope?

Question 208- Proverbs 23:23 has me stumped please explain?

Question 209- I had a Jehovah Witness use Acts 2:29 & 34, Could you explain?

Question 210- What does John 20:23 mean?

Question 211- What does it mean Not man for the sabbath?

Question 212- Why did Jesus allow the demons to enter the pigs in Mark 5:12,13?

Question 213- Sir why are there so many Praise and Worship Churches and few that teach the bible?

Question 214- Can you explain Hebrews 10:26-31?

Question 215- Sir what is your opinion about physician assisted suicide?

Question 216- Would you recommend the Noah’s Ark attraction in Kentucky?

Question 217- What does it mean You don’t have many fathers in 1 Corinthians 4:15?

Question 218- Why do you insist on holding to the gap theory?

Question 219- Should I just take the plain reading of the bible?

Question 220- Does the Bible teach that a person must give 10%?

Question 221- Help I am confused about John 5:28 & 29?

Question 222- Can you answer James 3:1 for me?

Question 223- Is John 12:39 & 40 suggesting predestination?

Question 224- What is the most difficult thing for christians to do?

Question 225- Is Job 40:15 and 41:1 decribing Dinosaurs?

Question 226- Is it the parents fault if a child goes astray after they leave home according to Proverbs 22:6?

Question 227- To start a church / ministry does a person need to be sent / commissioned by a church?

Question 228- Who are the Ten Virgins, and what is the oil in Matthew Chp. 25?

Question 229- What does 2 Timothy 2:12 mean that Jesus will deny us?

Question 230- Is there any significance to John 11:35?

Question 231- Please explain wherewith he was sanctified, in Hebrews 10:29?

Question 232- In Romans 15:16 what does Being Sanctified by the Holy Ghost mean ?

Question 233- The words Eternal Security and Rapture are not in the bible, explain this?

Question 234- What is the wrath to come in 1 Thessalonians 1:10?

Question 235- What is the Book of Galatians all about?

Question-236- In what ways can we Grieve The Holy Spirit?

Question-237- Sir, could you give some insight to 2 Thessalonians 2:7 please ?

Question 238-Is there anything to be learned from John 13:4?

Question-239- In Matthew 20:22 what is the Cup and Baptism that Jesus is refering to?

Question-240- What is your take on John 20:23?

Question-241- When will the Fulness of the Gentiles come spoken of in Romans 11:25?

Question-242- Why did the Apostle Paul shave his head?

Question-243- Does King Melchisedec represent Christ?

Question-244- Can you help me with the words Called and Predestinate in Roman 8:28-30?

Question-245- Why was Jesus Baptized?

Question-246- What more did the ripping of the veil signified?

Question-247- In Mark 1:15 why was the kingdom at hand?

Question-248- What did Jesus mean by Put away thy Sword?

Question-249- Can you give any facts about Matthew 4:4?

Question-250- I need help with 1 Peter 4:18?

Question-251- Could you sir give some thoughts to Eph. 5:27?

Question-252- Please explain Revelation 7:14 and is it suggesting works to be saved?

Question-253- What does Colossians 2:11 mean?

Question-254- Why did God command Saul in 1 Samuel 15:3 to kill the infants?

Question-255- In Ezekiel 3:18 what does it mean but his blood will I require at thine hand?

Question-256- Please explain shall not be remembered in Ezekiel 3:20?

Question-257- Why was Cain’s offering rejected and Abel’s accepted ?

Question-258- Is there a setup time at the beginning of the millennial kingdom?

Question-259- Will there be a revival of the Roman Empire?

Question-260- I have heard some use Acts 22:16 for salvation, can you explain?

Question-261- In your opinion what was the Apostle Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh?

Question-262- Please help make sense of Jude 11 for me?

Question-263- What is the Abomination of Desolation?

Question-264- Who or what is the Valley of dry bones referring to?

Question-265- Can you explain the Daniel’s Statue Prophecy, please?

Question-266- Is christianity just a bunch of do’s and dont’s?

Question-267- Was there a curse placed on the line of descendants of King David?

Question-268- How many dispensations are there really?

Question-269- Sir what is your assessment of the Gideons?

Question-270- If a person stops believing are they still saved?

Question-271- Do our rewards stop after we die?

Question-272- Please give a brief why you think tongues are not for today?

Question-273- Revelation 22:18, & 19 what is your answer sir?

Question-274- Why is the Tribe of Dan missing in Rev. Chp, 7:5-8? ?

Question-275- What the heck is Jude 12, & 13 speaking about?

Question-276- How are we created in God’s image?

Question-277- Does a business have the right to refuse service?

Question-278- Is Acts 28:28 suggesting Predestination?

Question-279- Explain Ecclesiastes 10:1 ?

Question-280- Please give help on 2 Corinthians 5:16?

Question-281- Why did God considered Onan sin evil?

Question-282- Why did Isaac not take back his blessing from Esau?

Question-283- What did Paul mean that we should remain unmarried like him?

Question-284- What is your take on “That they may recieve forgiveness of sins” in Acts 26:18 ?

Question-285- How could God say that King David was a man after his own heart, when he committed adultery and murder?

Question-286- Sir, Please give comment on Romans 8:1?

Question-287- In Romans 8:13 what does the word MORTIFY mean?

Question-288- Sir, how did Jesus become poor. and us rich in 2 Corinthians 8:9?

Question-289- When will the the Resurrection of the Just in Luke 14:14 happen?

Question-290- Sir please explain the different offerings in the book of Leviticus?

Question-291- I find Job 26:7 interesting, any thoughts sir?

Question-292- Is the earth flat?

Question-293- How do you witness to a Jewish person?

Question-294- What is your stand on Halloween sir?

Question-295- Will the Nation of Egypt have a part in the endtimes?

Question-296- What is the difference between the Fine Linen, Clean and White and the White Robes mentioned in Revelations?

Question-297- Is having a Christmas Tree wrong?

Question-298- Is there a contradiction between Matthew 10:29 & Luke 12:6?

Question-299- What are the Four beast in Revelation Chp. 4?

Question-300- Sir please explain Revelation 4:3?