Q & A… 401 to 500

Question-401- Have you heard of Preterism?

Question-402- Are the Jewish people who have never accepted Jesus as their saviour still God’s chosen people, if so, why are they, and in what way does that affect them and does it have to do with end times?

Question-403- In Exodus 15:23 – 25, How could a tree make water sweet?

Question-404- is there ANY spiritual application concerning Shadrach, Meshack, & Abednego?

Question-405- In Psalms 103:3 did not God say that ALL diseases would be healed?

Question-406- To whom is Isaiah 16:1-5 is speaking to?

Question-407- What is your take on Matthew 13:31, & 32?

Question-408- Why doesn’t God Judge this evil world now?

Question-409- Why is Jesus called the Son of Man in one place and the Son of God in others?

Question-410- How come Mary was chosen to give birth to Jesus?

Question-411- Sir, do you have answers for Matthew 13:44-50?

Question-412- Who or what is meant by Matthew 21:33?

Question-413- In the Gospels WHO is the Fig Tree?

Question-414- Is there a Contradiction between Matthew 27:3-5 & Acts 1:18?

Question-415- In what way, How did God know Good and Evil in Genesis 3:22?

Question-416- Should we put flowers on graves?

Question-417- In Luke 10:42 what is ” Which shall not be taken away from her” referring to?

Question-418- Tell me, When did the Church begin?

Question-419- If Parables were to REVEAL TRUTH, please explain Mark 4:10-12?

Question-420- Can you clarify “The Spirit of Man” and “The Spirit of God” in 1 Corinthians 2:11 ?

Question-421- Whatever happened to the word Believe?

Question-422- I’m confused, WHO are the Sons of God in Genesis 6:2?

Question-423- If God “Knows ALL Things” how can he “Change his Mind”?

Question-424- Why did Satan rebel against God?

Question-425- Is the End of the World soon?

Question-426- How can we Be Angry and YET Sin Not according to Ephesians 4:26?

Question-427- In Jude 1:6 which estate did the angels DID NOT keep?

Question-428- Sir, does “Taken Away” mean Losing our Salvation in John 15:2?

Question-429- Would you answer this, What is “From Faith to Faith” in Romans 1:17?

Question-430- What do you think of Pilgrims Progress & Chronicles of Narnia?

Question-431- Should a Christian work where alcohol and tobacco are sold ?

Question-432- If a person takes the Mark of the Beast can they still be saved?

Question-433- Could you reconcile John 6:40?

Question-434- In Biblical terms what does Virtuous mean in Proverbs 31:10?

Question-435- Dear Brother, I confessed a sin to the Lord, But I still feel Guilty can you help?

Question-436- Is a Christian or a Minister allowed to continue to preach or teach if their spouse REFUSES to serve the Lord?

Question-437- I am going to Bible College but my family is mad what do I do?

Question-438- Can Satan do Miracles?

Question-439- Are there really Lost Books of the Bible?

Question-440- On Facebook I see alot of “believe Paul’s gospel” or “I am a M.A.D believer” what is your thought on these?

Question-441- In 2 Corinthians 4:3 why is the Gospel hid from the lost, is it so that they cannot be saved?

Question-442- Satan knew Jesus was God, Why then did Satan try to tempt Jesus?

Question-443- Could you expound more on each of the Beatitudes?

Question-444- Were the Pharisees in Acts 15:5 saved?

Question-445- Sir, is there REALLY anybody of significant intelligence that believes what you call the bible?

Question-446- What does it mean “Let the dead bury the dead” in Luke 9:60?

Question-447- Who wrote Hebrews?

Question-448- Mister, I have always wondered “Why did Jesus tell those he healed not to tell anybody about it?

Question-449- In Matthew 8:4 what was the “Gift” to be Offered?

Question-450- In both Matthew 10:6 and 15:24 it mentions “The Lost sheep of Israel”, can you explain?

Question-451- What does it mean to partake of The Lord’s Supper in church “unworthily”?

Question-452- What does “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof” mean in 2 Timothy 3:5?

Question-453- Snake Handling in Church, your opinion Thank You?

Question-454- In Matthew 19:30 what is meant by “First shall be last; and the last shall be first”.?

Question-455- is there contradiction between Genesis 15:13 and Exodus 12:40, 41?

Question-456- PLEASE explain Many are called and Few chosen in Matthew 20:16?

Question-457- In Acts 16, How did God open Lydia’s heart?

Question-458- Please define “Ordained” in Acts 16:4?

Question-459- Can any applications be made from John 6:12?

Question-460- According to Hebrews 11:13 what are “The Promises” spoken of?

Question-461- Please contrast the Dead Sea and the Jordan River with the Christian Life?

Question-462- I’m stumped by Psalms 49:14, can you answer?

Question-463- What are “The Rest” mentioned in Matt. 11:28,29 and Heb. 3:11?

Question-464- James 3:6, Tell me what “It is set on fire of hell” means?

Question-465- is Genesis 2:17 speaking of Physical Death?

Question-466- Is Hebrews 12:14 saying that we need to have works and faith to go to heaven?

Question-467- Must I go forward to be saved?

Question-468- Sir, what do you make of “You get more flies with Honey than with vinegar”?

Question-469- Would you be so kind and give comment on Hebrews 12:12 & 13 please?

Question-470- In V20 of Hebrews 12 Why could not the Mountain be touched and when will V26 take place?

Question-471- I don’t understand Hosea 6:2 what is it speaking about?

Question-472- Tell me, Is 1 Timothy 2:9 a command against women wearing makeup and Jewelry etc.?

Question-473- In the Bible is there a story where there is a False accuser that lied and the accused that told the truth but wasn’t believed?

Question-474- Luke 14:26?, what does it mean to hate not Father and Mother?

Question-475- My friend says that Jesus is a Angel?

Question-476- Does the word Believeth in John 3:16 mean a continuance in faith?

Question-477- Were those that were baptised by John the Baptist saved?

Question-478- Hi, I need a biblical answer to explain the heart of the mind and the blood pumping organ, like asking Jesus into your heart VS using your intellect?

Question-479- Did Abel get saved WHEN he offered the blood sacrifice?

Question-480- Matthew 24:5, Did Jesus mean that many would claim to be him?

Question-481- Why can’t Romans 10:10 be used for salvation?

Question-482- I am curious about Isaiah 13:5-10 any answer?

Question-483- What does PLEAD mean in Joel 3:2?

Question-484- In Numbers 15:32- 36 WHY was the man “Stoned to death” for picking up sticks?

Question-485- We were going to a church where they taught that woman should “only” wear skirts & dresses to be modest based on 1 Timothy 2:9 What are your thoughts on this?

Question-486- Hi is there a Chain of Command in Heaven. like God, Jesus…and then where do the angels fit in there?

Question-487- I have two questions maybe you can give an answer to them. #1 Is fasting biblical and #2 Can women served communion?

Question-488- Does the bible say anywhere how long Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden before they sinned?

Question-489- I came across Isaiah 26:19,20 & 27:1 can you explain?

Question-490- Will a christian who has become an athiest still go to heaven?

Question-491- What does God say about walking away from family that DOES NOT treat you well?

Question-492- Correct me if I am wrong, is Acts 19:12 where Faith Healers get the belief that they can through objects transfer their healing powers to people?

Question-493- I found these two passages Ecclesiastes 2:14, and Proverbs 17:24 quite intriguing, is there a correlation?

Question-494- What does the bible say about those that walk out on the Lord?

Question-495- Do you know where it says Don’t brag in the Bible?

Question-496- I read in a devotion that said Abel brought the blood sacrifice to gain salvation, is this right?

Question-497- A youtube preacher said that Word of Faith preachers CANNOT be christians because of their continuous false doctrines they teach, Do you agree?

Question-498- A person posted on FaceBook that No Nondenominational pastor has a answer to 1 Corinthians 4:16, do you have a answer sir?

Question-499- Please explain WHY Jesus’s disciples COULD NOT cast out the demon in Matthew 17:19, Mark 9:18, and Luke 9:40?

Question-500- Was it Grape Juice or Alcohol that Timothy was suppose to drink for his stomach?