Q & A… 501 TO 600

Question-501- Just curious, is it possible that King Nebuchadnezzar was saved at the end of his life?

Question-502- Can a christian live a life VOID of conviction?

Question-503- What is the full impact upon the world by those who are unsaved?

Question-504- I heard this term called LETTERISM could you explain what it means?

Question-505- How come the two disciples in Luke 24:16 did not recognize Jesus?

Question-506- I know Psalms 139:13-16 is speaking about how a baby is formed, but the words that are used make it hard for me to understand, Can you help?

Question-507- What is the Measure of the gift of Christ found in Ephesians 4:7?

Question-508- I have always wondered, What was the purpose for Moses to lift up the serpent as mentioned in John 3:14?

Question-509- I have heard different explanations of 2 John 1:10, could you PLEASE give your explanation?

Question-510- I know of a person that says they are a christian but they have no desire to share the Gospel with others, what do you think?

Question-511- I have heard MANY ways to heaven, but the thief on the cross ONLY believed RIGHT?

Question-512- My pastor is conducting a preach fest and he is asking us men to give a 5 to 10 minute sermon, Can you give some words of encouragement?

Question-513- What is the REAL IMPACT of our liberty in Christ upon others?

Question 514- I have a tough one, Could you explain Ecclesiates 12:4 – 7 for me, Thank you?

Question 515- What did John the Baptist mean by Bring forth fruits worthy of repentance in Luke 3:8?

Question 516- The Unprofitable Servant in Matthew Chp. 25 has ALWAYS bothered me, Could you PLEASE give me some peace on this, Thank – You for your time?

Question 517- What is a Partial Rapture a youtube preacher made it sound so convincing, what is your take on it?

Question 518- In Colossians 3:18 Please explain “As it is Fit in the Lord”, Thanks?

Question 519- I thought salvation was by Faith Only, but Luke 3:3 seems to say something different, I am confused, help?

Question 520- I was given an article by a Jehovah Witness TITLED “Origin of Hell” stating that “Hell DOES NOT exist” according to their main source of info for the article – Edward Fudge, Can you refute this?

Question 521- I think I understand 1 Peter 1:2, But could you dissect it for I am having little trouble with it?

Question 522- In John 2:1-10 Mary exclaims to Jesus “they have no wine.” Jesus tells her My time has not yet come, do you think that Mary exclaiming this to Jesus would indicate that Jesus was performing supernatural tasks well before this time in secret? I have not found much scripture that tells the story of Jesus’s early years ? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank You again for your ministry I love reading your Qs & As… GOD BLESS!

Question 523- I wish I had your faith?

Question 524- Could you give some scriptures proving the bible’s accuracy?

Question 525- Give it to me straight, MUST we be Forgiven or Perfect to enter heaven?

Question 526- Is there ANY PROOF that Jesus is mentioned in the O.T?

Question 527- What did Jesus mean by “Go in and out” in John 10:9?

Question 528- Psalms 49:8, explain ceaseth forever?

Question 529- How are we “Dead to sin” in Romans 6:2?

Question 530- Does God ever close the doors of mercy?

Question 531- Daniel 12:3 says we will shine as bight as the stars, how will that be?

Question 532- In 2 Peter 2:9 where does God reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished?

Question 533- In the Bible is there a verse that says if you impersonate God to hurt people there will be vengeance?

Question 534- I know you have covered this before I still don’t understand If a person DOES take the Mark of the Beast how can they be saved after that?

Question 535- I am unclear about “Not According to Knowledge” in Romans 10:2, could you help, thank you sir?

Question 536- It’s hard to find GOOD resources on Doctrine & the Bible, why is that?

Question 537- Is Romans 10:11 stating that christians WILL NOT be ashamed of Jesus?

Question 538- Seriously, What does it matter if you are a Young Earth or Old Earth creationist WE ALL believe basically the same thing about creation, Right?

Question 539- Is Confession of sins a requirement for salvation per Romans 10:9?

Question 540- I know I am saved and that I cannot lose my salvation but I have truly never have fully understood the phrase “Yet So by Fire” in 1 Corinthians 3:15 can or would you help with this thank-you?

Question 541- #1 – Who or what are the broken branches, wild olvie tree etc in Romans 11:17-22 speaking of, and #2 – is verse 22 saying we can lose our salvation?

Question 542- Why can’t Romans 10:13 be used as the gospel?

Question 543- Have you heard the term “Get ready for the Lord”? and what does that all imply?

Question 544- Why did God cause the offspring of animals to die in the 10 plagues?

Question 545- If God is ALL POWERFUL why doesn’t he fix things in our lives immediately?

Question 546- It has been told to me that Jeremiah 36:28 gives support to the KJV as God’s perfect word, do you agree?

Question 547- Why is there SO MANY different beliefs among Christians?

Question 548- Will there ever be a time when Satan will not exist?

Question 549- What was the “Mystery of Christ” Paul was referring to in Colossians 4:3?

Question 550- What spiritual application can you give on Jeremiah 4:3 ?

Question 551- I am a Catholic and I have a question, If all you have to is believe does that mean you can live as you please and still go to heaven?

Question 552- Good morning Robert, I would like a quick salvation/ resurrection prayer, Can you help me come up with something short, but sweet regarding having this dinner, and the resurrection?

Question 553- Can you give me a very simple typology of Noah’s Ark?

Question 554- What’s wrong with using the word Repent when giving the gospel?

Question 555- is there any correlation between starlight and the age of the universe?

Question 556- Should a christian get a tattoo?

Question 557- In Romans 5:10 the word Reconciled is used, in verse 11 the word Atonement is used, What is the difference?

Question 558- Amid of all the recent investigations into President Trump’s election, scrutiny of his Presidency, and now the so called Muller report what is your thoughts on all of this?

Question 559- Seriously, How did Noah get all the animals to the Ark with the widespread of all the continents and with all the oceans and seas in between?

Question 560- At a Bible study, John 1:12 was brought up, Does John 1:12 teach that we must believe AND then receive Jesus, please explain?

Question 561- Did God REALLY create evil as Isaiah 45:7 says?

Question 562- Do you believe in the use of modern medicine?

Question 563- I seen a post on Facebook and I quote “Noah was not saved by Faith alone, he also had to build the Ark”, what do you have to say about this?

Question 564- John 3:8 has always been a stumbling block for me, could you kindly shed some light on it if you can, Thank – You?

Question 565- Does the bible mention any where what Jesus wrote on the ground in John 8:8?

Question 566- The word UNCTION in 1 John 2:20 and what does it mean?

Question 567- Please help with John 4:34?

Question 568-this may seem to be a silly of a question, but why in John 11:43 did Jesus call Lazarus by name?

Question 569- Somewhere I had seen or heard that Allah the god that the Muslims worship means fool or something to that effect, do you have any knowledge of this, I would like to know?

Question 570- I really appreciate your website. Few sites have the correct simple gospel. I have a question for your QA. Would you give a brief history of how things went so terribly wrong going from metanoeo to repent? Thank you?

Question 571- Sir, how do you explain John 6:53, & 54 where it says, He that eats my flesh, and drinks my blood has eternal life?

Question 572- was confronted with John 6:44, How do I refute this?

Question 573- Why did God allow satan to stop Paul in 1 Thessalonians 2:18?

Question 574- I’m been having trouble in understanding some verses in Psalms Chp. 69, in particular Versus 22,23, & 27 ANY help would be appreciated, thanks?

Question 575- You’re beliefs says that God ended at revelation, the bible says that that God is the same as yesterday today and tomorrow. I believe in tongues. Even Paul said I’m glad I speak in tongues more than any of you. So tell me where is the sin. In tongues??? Tell me please…?

Question 576-I have a question about Hebrews 11:39, “The Promise” what was it, and why was it NOT received?

Question 577- Is “And thy house” in Acts 16:31 saying if one person in a family gets saved, that all in the family will get saved?

Question 578- Is there anyway you could find out what the Amish believe?

Question 579- I must know, Does Romans Chp. 1 say that those of the LGBTQ lifestyle cannot be saved as one YouTube pastor I have heard say?

Question 580- What is the TRUE meaning of the word Believe, and what did Jesus mean by when he told Nicodemus he must be born again?

Question 581-Could you explain Taketh Away in John 15:2 and is it refering to in losing one’s salvation?

Question 582- Is James 1:12 suggesting salvation by another way other than Saved by Grace?

Question 583- I have been raised and taught since my youth in a religion that said theTrinity is a lie, I am searching for answers to this, can you help?

Question 584- What commandments was Jesus speaking of that we were to keep in John 14:15?

Question 585- Why doesn’t the Lord just give us our rewards upon death but instead making us wait until the Judgement Seat of Christ?

Question 586- Could you explain what Jesus meant in John 12:24 please?

Question 587- Do you think there is life on other planets?, and what is your opinion on UFO’s, Aliens, & The Paranormal?

Question 588- You say that salvation IS NOT conditional, if this is true then PLEASE explain the word IF in Hebrews 3:14?

Question 589- I know a Vietnam Veteran (who got saved after the war) HAS always wondered why God allowed him to live but not some of his buddies, could you comment on this?

Question 590- Hebrews 1:10-12 is an intresting piece of scripture, please, if you will, run through them, Thanks?

Question 591- Hi. I got a friend that believes in reincarnation, I of course do not and I’ve told him what I know and believe, What does the bible say about this?

Question 592- I am a christian and I am about to GET MARRIED to a gal that is NOT SAVED, but I love her and we have a child together. I am having doubts about it, what do you think I should do?

Question 593-I haven’t found an satisfactory explanation of “They took them wives” in Genesis 6:2, what is your explanation?

Question 594- In what form do you think that the Mark of the Beast will come in?

Question 595- What significance do the word REST mean in Hebrews Chp. 4?

Question 596- I was reading Exodus Chp.14 and V12 kinda jumped out at me, Is there any application here?

Question 597- Is Hebrews 6:1 referring to growing in Christ or in Faith?

Question 598- In Luke 19:11-26, What is the meaning of the Parable of the Ten Pounds?

Question 599- In the book of Psalms in Chp 23, Verse 5, what did King David mean by “you anoint my head with oil”?

Question 600- Are the words cast the unprofitable servant into outer darkness in Matthew 25:30 teaching that a christian that DOES NOT serve the Lord will be cast into hell?