Q & A… 126 to 150

Question 126-Does the word “damnation” always refer to hell?

Question 127-What makes Christianity dIfferent from all other religions?

Question 128-Are we to confess our sins to Christ after we are saved?

Question 129-Does the word “saved” in Matthew 24:13 refer to salvation?

Question 130-Must we “Continue in the Faith” – Colossians 1:23 to remain saved?

Question 131-Why do you put down other peoples beliefs?

Question 132-What does the Word Death mean in James 5:20?

Question 133-In 2 Corinthians 11:3 explain the “Simplicity that is in Christ”?

Question 134-Are there any verse that say that children go to heaven if they die as an infant or very young?

Question 135-What is your view with churches of different denominations getting together for worship?

Question 136- Do you think that Near Death Experiences are Legit?

Question 137-Is it Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ or Having a Personal Relatianship with Jesus that saves?

Question 138-Could Jesus have sinned?

Question 139-Please explain 1 John 3:15?

Question 140- Where is Hell located?

Question 141- When will Russia be destroyed?

Question 142-What will our eternal heavenly home be like also please explain Christ reign here on earth?

Question 143-Would you be willing to expound a little on Luke 13:1-5?

Question 144-Is believing a work?

Question 145-Would you recommend the use of Chick Tracts?

Question 146-could you sir give your thoughts on Matthew 6:33?

Question 147-In John 12:32 what did Jesus mean he will draw all men unto me??

Question 148- Should people from different religions get married?

Question 149- I am confused about the meaning “that no man take thy crown” in Revelation 3:11, is it refering to loseing our salvation.?

Question 150-Sir could you give an answer on Revelation 3:20 is it for salvation or not?