Q & A… 41 to 60

Question Forty-One – Can Christians Judge?

Question Forty-Two – What do the seven churches in the book of Revelation represent?

Question Forty-Three – Are there two gospels that God used in the bible, one for Old Testament times, and one for the New Testament?

Question Forty-Four – Can a saved person lose their salvation?

Question Forty-Five – I have heard many preachers try to explain this verse – (John 14:2), tell me where Christ is going to prepare a place for us?

Question Forty-Six – In Luke 23:34 what did Christ mean by Father forgive them for they know not what they do? Please explain?

Question Forty-Seven – What are the attributes or marks of a GOOD church?

Question Forty-Eight – I Have had heard this phrase Good News, what does it mean?

Question Forty-Nine – In order to be saved, do I need to be water baptized?

Question Fifty – Could you help me understand Matthew 19:16- 21, was he suggesting works for salvation?

Question Fifty-One – According to Mark 16:16, it appears that a person must believe, and be baptized, in order to be saved, what are your thoughts?

Question Fifty-Two – What does is it mean in Mark 10:15 – To enter the Kingdom of God a person must be like a little child..

Question Fifty-Three – Is the parable of the rich man in Luke Chp 16 just that a parable or is it a REAL ACCOUNT?

Question Fifty-Four – What is your take on Luke 14:16-24?

Question Fifty-Five – Who are the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation?

Question Fifty-Six – Commercialism of Christmas?

Question Fifty-Seven – Freedom?

Question Fifty-Eight – Get behind me satan?

Question Fifty-Nine – The correct bible?

Question Sixty – Was Lot’s wife saved?