Q & A… 001 to 100

Question One – Can You Fall From Grace?

Question Two – Must You Repent of Your Sins to be Saved?

Question Three – Justified by Faith? (Galatians 2:16); or Justified by Works? (James 2:24)

Question Four – How Can We Be Assured of Seeing Our Loved Ones After Death?

Question Five – How Good Does a Person Have to Be to Go to Heaven?

Question Six – Was Jesus Christ Crucified on Friday and Resurrected on Sunday?

Question Seven – Can a Woman Be a Pastor/Preacher?

Question Eight – What Is Sound Doctrine?

Question Nine – In 1 Corinthians 9:27, What Does the Word “Castaway” Mean?

Question Ten – Did Satan Appear As a Snake(Serpent) Like Genesis 3:1,2 & 4 Says?

Question Eleven – In 1 Peter 3:21 How Does the Like Figure of Baptism Save Us?

Question Twelve – Do We Have to “Just Believe in Jesus” for Salvation?

Question Thirteen -What Are Your Thoughts on the KJV Only?

Question Fourteen – In your opinion how old is the earth?

Question Fifteen – Are Some People Predestinated To Go To Heaven?

Question Sixteen – What Does Lordship Salvation Basically Mean?

Question Seventeen – What Is the Meaning of Matthew 7:21?

Question Eighteen – Is Speaking in Tongues, and Faith Healing for Today?

Question Nineteen – What does Matthew 10:32 & 33 Mean?

Question Twenty – Is Phiippians 2:12 Suggesting Works For Salvation?

Question Twenty-One – My pastor said that if you are not living the Christian life, then you better check your salvation.

Question Twenty-Two – I am having problems understanding 1 John 3:8 & 9.

Question Twenty-Three – What is the Bible talking about in Matthew 12:20?

Question Twenty-Four -Please explain Matthew 7:17-20

Question Twenty-Five – What is a practical application for Acts 1:8?

Question Twenty-Six – What does it mean that the “thief is come to steal, kill and destroy” in John 10:10?

Question Twenty-Seven – What is the Judgement in reference to in Hebrews 9:27?

Question Twenty-Eight – Is using Romans 10:9,& 10 for salvation Scriptural?

Question Twenty-Nine – Can you help me understand 1 John 3:6.

Question Thirty – What is the Gospel?

Question Thirty-One – Can you list some things that people think that will get them to heaven?

Question Thirty-Two – Was Lot Saved?

Question Thirty-Three – Is 2 Peter 2:20-22 a proof text that a christian can lose their salvation as some preachers suggest?

Question Thirty-Four – Some say you do not have to confess your sins, after you are saved, because you are always in fellowship with the Lord. What about this?

Question Thirty-five – Were the three wise men and the shepherds present together at the same time, as all the nativity scenes represent?

Question Thirty-Six – Should we observe Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Question Thirty-Seven – In Revelation 6:6, who, or what, is the Oil and the Wine?

Question Thirty-Eight – Why does Romans say “Saved by faith, and James say “Faith without works is dead?

Question Thirty-Nine – Please explain the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:3-8.

Question forty – The Unpardonalbe Sin .

Question Forty-One – Can Christians Judge?

Question Forty-Two – What do the seven churches in the book of Revelation represent?

Question Forty-Three – Are there two gospels that God used in the bible, one for Old Testament times, and one for the New Testament?

Question Forty-Four – Can a saved person lose their salvation?

Question Forty-Five – I have heard many preachers try to explain this verse – (John 14:2), tell me where Christ is going to prepare a place for us?

Question Forty-Six – In Luke 23:34 what did Christ mean by Father forgive them for they know not what they do? Please explain?

Question Forty-Seven – What are the attributes or marks of a GOOD church?

Question Forty-Eight – I Have had heard this phrase Good News, what does it mean?

Question Forty-Nine – In order to be saved, do I need to be water baptized?

Question Fifty – Could you help me understand Matthew 19:16- 21, was he suggesting works for salvation?

Question Fifty-One – According to Mark 16:16, it appears that a person must believe, and be baptized, in order to be saved, what are your thoughts?

Question Fifty-Two – What does is it mean in Mark 10:15 – To enter the Kingdom of God a person must be like a little child..

Question Fifty-Three – Is the parable of the rich man in Luke Chp 16 just that a parable or is it a REAL ACCOUNT?

Question Fifty-Four – What is your take on Luke 14:16-24?

Question Fifty-Five – Who are the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation?

Question Fifty-Six – Commercialism of Christmas?

Question Fifty-Seven – Freedom?

Question Fifty-Eight – Get behind me satan?

Question Fifty-Nine – The correct bible?

Question Sixty – Was Lot’s wife saved?

Question Sixty-One- Sir, What is the most important decision i can make in my life?

Question Sixty-Two- Was Simon the sorcerer in Acts Chp. 8 saved?

Question Sixty-Three- Sir what does Romans 10:4 mean?

Question Sixty-Four- Sir could you give just a simple basic explanation of Psalm 22, 23, and 24?

Question Sixty-Five- Who are the 144,000 spoken of in Revelation?

Question Sixty-Six- is Matthew 24:40 – 42 is speaking of the rapture?

Question Sixty-Seven- Is it possible for a person who claims to be a christian to have no evidence of faith?

Question Sixty-Eight- Sir, is that all we have to do to be saved is believe, in James 2:19 the devils also believe and tremble please explain?

Question Sixty-Nine- Please help me reconcile Mark 13:32 were it says Neither the Son, but the Father?

Question Seventy- Does being a good person or doing good things get you to heaven, and does being a bad person or doing bad things send you to hell?

Question Seventy-One- Could you sir give some of the Contradictions that are listed In the book of Mormon?

Question Seventy-Two- Can you sir give a simple basic synopsis of Romans Chapter 9, 10, & 11?

Question Seventy-Three- Does John Chapter 14 have anything to do with the rapture as I had once heard someone say that it did?

Question Seventy-Four- In 1 Timothy 2:14 it says Adam was not deceived, I thought both Adam and Eve sinned?

Question Seventy-Five- What is sinless perfection, and What does John 8:10, & 11 mean?

Question Seventy-six- What is Living out your baptism mean, I have heard this at many funerals?

Question Seventy-seven- Please explain John 15:22, what did the Lord meant by it?

Question Seventy-eight- I heard a radio preacher say “Give God your All” and you will have eternal life, is this right?

Question Seventy-nine- Could you sir give a couple of verses to refute atheism?

Question eighty- Did Judas Iscariot go to heaven or go to hell?

Question eighty-one- Is feet washing in church necessary like a few churches practice?

Question eighty-two- What are the Greater Works that will be done in John 14:12?

Question eighty-three- In Luke 12:50 what did Jesus mean that he had a baptism to be baptized with?

Question eighty-four- Why are there four different gospel accounts?

Question eighty-five- Is Luke 9:62 about losing your salvation as some teach?

Question eighty-six- What Did Jesus mean Hast No Part in John 13:8?

Question eighty-seven- Are we to seek the anointing of the Holy Spirit?

Question eighty-eight- Can you briefly explain the core beliefs of Calvinism?

Question eighty-nine- Are Lutherans, Catholics, Church of Christ, & Methodist saved?

Question ninety- Please explain Baptized for the Dead in 1 Corinthians 15:29?

Question ninety-one- Does the Grace of God stop at the cross of Christ?

Question ninety-two- Is it true that if you have heard the gospel before the rapture, you cannot be saved after the rapture?

Question ninety-three- Please give me a list of events that will take place during the endtimes?

Question ninety-four- I heard this term called Lifestyle Evangelism, What is your view on it?

Question ninety-five- In 2 Thessalonians 1:9 does the words everlasting destruction mean annihilation?

Question ninety-six- When Jesus said before he died that it is finished, did he mean exactly that?

Question ninety-seven- Why Didn’t God have Cain put to death after he killed his brother Abel?

Question ninety-eight- What is your view on Oneness doctrine?

Question ninety-nine- Since most churches believe in the same Jesus are we all God’s Children?

Question one-hundred- Does God hate Homosexuals, Lesbians, Cross dressers Ect?