Q & A… 21 to 40

By Robert Serreyn

Question Twenty-One – My pastor said that if you are not living the Christian life, then you better check your salvation.

Question Twenty-Two – I am having problems understanding 1 John 3:8 & 9.

Question Twenty-Three – What is the Bible talking about in Matthew 12:20?

Question Twenty-Four -Please explain Matthew 7:17-20

Question Twenty-Five – What is a practical application for Acts 1:8?

Question Twenty-Six – What does it mean that the “thief is come to steal, kill and destroy” in John 10:10?

Question Twenty-Seven – What is the Judgement in reference to in Hebrews 9:27?

Question Twenty-Eight – Is using Romans 10:9,& 10 for salvation Scriptural?

Question Twenty-Nine – Can you help me understand 1 John 3:6.

Question Thirty – What is the Gospel?

Question Thirty-One – Can you list some things that people think that will get them to heaven?

Question Thirty-Two – Was Lot Saved?

Question Thirty-Three – Is 2 Peter 2:20-22 a proof text that a christian can lose their salvation as some preachers suggest?

Question Thirty-Four – Some say you do not have to confess your sins, after you are saved, because you are always in fellowship with the Lord. What about this?

Question Thirty-five – Were the three wise men and the shepherds present together at the same time, as all the nativity scenes represent?

Question Thirty-Six – Should we observe Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Question Thirty-Seven – In Revelation 6:6, who, or what, is the Oil and the Wine?

Question Thirty-Eight – Why does Romans say “Saved by faith, and James say “Faith without works is dead?

Question Thirty-Nine – Please explain the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:3-8.

Question forty – The Unpardonalbe Sin .